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EL.PA. Service, in addition to offering plants and products for finishing lines, offers complete services to support the customer throughout the entire life cycle of the products themselves: from designing, to installation, to maintenance, up to disposal.
Our services are of crucial importance to keep the entire finishing system and all its parts always maintained and efficient.
Organized with the most modern computer systems dedicated to designing, the EL.PA. technical department is able to design every detail, be it mechanical, electronic or pneumatic, in order to obtain the highest degree of operation and quality in each product offered to the customer.
Particular attention is given to the choice of construction materials, having gained considerable experience in the field of maintenance, each of our equipment is designed to withstand the most common chemical agents as well as the frequent mechanical stresses typical of the tanning process.
 Each project is not evaluated exclusively by the technical department, but it's the result of the personal synergy of the assistance and maintenance department, always in contact with the end customer in order to create advanced machinery capable of responding to the challenges that the market proposes every day.

Thanks to highly specialized hardware and software technicians, EL.PA Service is able to design and develop internally the electronic equipments necessary for the operation of its machines; a significant advantage, in addition to the excellent speed in case of non-service, without having to rely on external companies. A further advantage is given by the perfect communication between the technical and electronic departments during the software development phase, maximizing the performance of the equipments produced.
The technical assistance and maintenance department has born simultaneously with the company itself in the period of maximum development of the Vicenza tanning district, with a team of specialized technicians ready to provide technical assistance to any type of machinery. To date, the maintenance department of EL.PA. Service has become a reference point for many companies, not only for the maintenance of the equipment of our production but also for other brands, intervening both in the field of electronics and mechanics, with rapid response and an industry-leading value for money.

Currently our technicians are able to operate not only in Italy but also abroad, offering:
- Installation and testing of new, used and reconditioned machines by EL.PA.
- Maintenance and repair of electronics and mechanics specific for the finishing lines
- Modernization/revamping of existing spray cabins
- Repair and overhaul at our facility

Thanks to many years of experience in the sector, EL.PA. Service is able to recondition entire plants and / or parts of them, both from an aesthetic point of view and from a mechanical-functional point of view. EL.PA. Service refurbished products can be considered like new: maintained, cleaned and repainted, moreover for each product its operation is perfectly checked, where numerous functional checks are performed.
The benefits deriving from the execution of a revamping are multiple, in short the modernization of the hardware structures (e.g. economizer, distribution shaft, spray guns, etc.) and software allow you to enjoy economic and energy savings, as well as a better sustainability, reducing the environmental impact of the plant.
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The future of high-tech is here, now.

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