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The future of high-tech is here, now.

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Savings and innovation systems
Since the first years of activity, EL.PA. Service has focused its mission on the search for the best systems for energy and products saving in the tanneries. If what you are looking for is a way to optimize consumption and so-called "dead times", the EL.PA. Service solutions are suitable to meet your needs.

"The future of high-tech is here, now" is our vision, what drives us to develop increasingly innovative systems, integrating them in the best possible way with existing systems and devices, driving savings towards smart solutions.

Our savings and analysis systems, practicals and innovatives, allow to control times and consumptions, setting the preferred parameters and checking their performances.

So get the maximum savings from your system? Choose the solutions by EL.PA. Service.
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The future of high-tech is here, now.

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