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The future of high-tech is here, now.

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The company, founded in 1997, immediately becomes sensitive to requests for increasingly present and immediate support in addressing customer operational problems quickly and efficiently.
Thanks to a constant and progressive presence in the field of technical services for the tanning industry, in a few years it acquires a prominent position for many tanning companies sensitive to the need to have a single interlocutor able to satisfy the numerous requests in terms of quality and efficiency.

We operate internationally by designing, manufacturing and marketing components, systems and services for leather finishing, with a view to continuous evolution.

We make attention to every detail in the creation of technologically advanced products and services, which allows us to be considered leaders on a global level. To this end, we pursue sustainable development solutions and continuous improvements to meet the needs of our customers and ensure complete support in all areas in which we operate.

The benefits for our customers are many:

  • A single point of contact for every problem, both in terms of electronics, mechanics, spraying, finishing, etc.
  • Specific attention by the company dedicated to saving energy and chemical products in all its designs
  • A constant and constantly evolving point of reference, ready to offer all the innovative solutions available
  • A structure able not only to offer a vast catalog of machinery but also to meet the specific requests of the end customer

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The future of high-tech is here, now.

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