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From the very beginning ,the company established in 1997 has paid a high attention to the demand for an increasingly present and prompt service related to the solving of operational problems; in fact, customers demanded a more rapid and efficient service.

Thanks to a constant and progressive presence in the market for specific technical services for the tanning industry in a few years the company acquired a prominent place among the many companies in the Vicenza area, sensing the need for the end user to have a single reference able to satisfy their numerous requests both in terms of speed and quality.


The result is the specific aim to specialize in the field of finishing, becoming in a few years the only company in the world capable of designing and building complete finishing lines without having to rely on third parties.

The benefits for the end customer are many, including:

- A single point of contact for any application, whether it is inherent to electronics, spraying, drying, etc. ..

- A particular emphasis by the company in terms of energy and chemical savings for the end user .

- A constant point of reference and development ready to offer innovative solutions.

- An organization not simply offering a limited range of machinery, but able to meet the customers specific requirements.

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